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Le nouvel agent RUDDER pour Windows est là !

Face aux problématiques toujours plus complexes de croissance, fiabilité et sécurité de l’infrastructure, une approche continue de l’automatisation s’impose peu à peu comme la réponse à ces évolutions. En cause dans cette complexité, une gestion difficile de la double hétérogénéité à laquelle doit faire face le responsable d’infrastructure : celle des technologies système, et celle des […] Read more

Rudder 4.0 is out!

Rudder 4.0 changes for good the way we see IT management Here we are! After months of hard work, nourished by years of feedback from the community and our clients, Rudder 4.0 is out. What makes this version so special we felt it deserved its own epic version instead of pursuing towards a more discreet […] Read more

Why we use Cfengine: memory footprint

Here at Normation, we use Cfengine 3 extensively for configuration management across Linux and Windows servers. A question we get often is why Cfengine? This is phrased either as What is so great about Cfengine? or What is the difference between Cfengine and Puppet or Chef? (as a reminder of how these 3 projects are […] Read more

Set up Eclipse workspace in RAM

In the last article, we covered basic optimization paths for Eclipse. But it remains that Eclipse spend an awful amount of time performing I/O, reading and writing big amounts of (often small) files – and you can’t imagine how numerous theses files are. Of course, there is all the class resources file you are editing […] Read more

Juil, 27, 2010