Set up Eclipse workspace in RAM

In the last article, we covered basic optimization paths for Eclipse. But it remains that Eclipse spend an awful amount of time performing I/O, reading and writing big amounts of (often small) files – and you can’t imagine how numerous theses files are. Of course, there is all the class resources file you are editing […] Read more

Juil, 27, 2010


Java LDAP SDK for SyncRepl replication showcase

Java LDAP reborn As you may know, I’m rather fond of the LDAP protocol and its open source server and client implementations. But I’m also found of the JVM, and in a not so far past, the only maintained Java LDAP SDK was Sun’s LDAP-JNDI, which is at best a call for masochists to make […] Read more

Cfengine 3 presentation @ RMLL 2010

From the 6 to 11 July 2010, the 11th RMLL are hosted in Bordeaux, a great meeting for anyone interested with Free Software and their uses. Among the numerous very interesting presentations and round tables, I gave a presentation about the advantages of configuration management, and how Cfengine 3 works to help you deal with […] Read more

Scala dreaded underscore @ PSUG

On the evening of June 30th 2010, the Paris Scala User Group organized its second event. This time, there were two presentations: in the first one, Alexis Agahi, our kind user group leader, made a feedback after one year of scala experience. It’s available here. the second one was given by your servitor, and deals […] Read more

Juil, 01, 2010


Conférences : Loadays et RMLL

Normation a eu la chance de participer à la première édition des Loadays, ou Linux Open Administration Days. Retour rapide sur cet évènement, et rendez-vous à la prochaine grande conférence du libre : les RMLL à Bordeaux du 6 au 11 juillet 2010. Le weekend du 10-11 avril 2010, une école de la ville d’Anvers […] Read more

Managing configuration with Cfengine 3: concepts & theories

In December 2009, Mark Burgess, the author of Cfengine, was in France. This was a great opportunity to arrange a talk with members of the French Cfengine community. Cfengine[0] is a policy-based configuration management system written by Mark Burgess at Oslo University College. Its primary function is to provide automated configuration and maintenance of computers, […] Read more

Optimizing Eclipse performances

Especially for Scala projects We love Eclipse. I mean, it’s clearly the best IDE around[1]. And we love to hate it. It is bloated. To make it useful, you have to cherry pick among hundreds of modules, and figure out how to make them work together. And it’s slow. OK, at the beginning, everything is […] Read more

Mai, 24, 2010


Hello world!

Bienvenue sur le blog de Normation Basés à Paris, nous éditons des solutions logicielles pour l’exploitation et le management des infrastructures informatiques, et fournissons de l’expertise dans les domaines de la gestion de configuration et des identités. Ce blog contiendra des articles sur des sujets qui nous importent : Orientés technique : gestion de configuration, Cfengine, […] Read more

Mai, 17, 2010


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