Make every Rudder installation a success.

Normation offers customized support services.

We have at heart to make each Rudder installation a success. Contact us, we will explore together how to meet your needs.
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We are at your disposal to assist you.


A member of the development team spends a day with you to prepare and accompany you on evaluating of Rudder, making it faster and more complete.


Take advantage of our proximity. To ensure the success of your automation project and / or compliance check, let us contribute to its integration.


A correct architecture and well optimized rules will make you gain performance and will save working time. After an audit of your environment, we will help you refine your Rudder installation.

Customized contract

You need fast and frequent advice ? We propose a framework contract with tokens to use as you please!


In France and elsewhere in Europe. At our place or yours.

Introduction to DevOps and automation

1 day - level ★
  • DevOps - what is it and why I should be interested in it ?
  • Automating IT infrastructure
  • Overview of configuration management tools
  • Make your automation project successful

Rudder - Fundamentals

2 days - level ★
  • Introduction to Rudder
  • Installation and initial contact with Rudder
  • System configuration with Rudder
  • Reporting with Rudder

Rudder - Operations

1 day - level ★ ★
  • Rudder server administration
  • APIs
  • System Techniques
  • Rudder database
  • Backup / Restore
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Logging

Extend Rudder

2 days - level ★ ★ ★
  • The "desired state" model
  • Form creation syntax ( Rudder metadata )
  • CFEngine : Language Overview
  • CFEngine : Variables and Classes
  • Rudder Technique creation
  • Using the ncf framework components to create Rudder Techniques
  • Reporting in Rudder Techniques

You would like to attend a public session or arrange in-house training?

Professional support

Our core developers answer the support themselves from our offices in Paris, to provide high quality support.

Orange support

  Minimal   ★★

Your first support offer as part of a POC or a small deployment.

  • 8 tickets / year
  • email and web
  • best effort reactivity
  • limited to 2 users
  • working hours only
  • max 300 machines

Green support

Essential ★★★

This one is a basic support to work in serenity.

  • 20 tickets / year
  • mail, web and telephone
  • standard reactivity
  • limited to 5 users
  • working hours only
  • unlimited machines

Blue support

Comfort ★★★★

Professional offer for a responsive support.

  • unlimited tickets
  • mail, web and telephone
  • high reactivity
  • limited to 10 users
  • working hours only
  • unlimited machines

Purple support

Luxury  ★★★★★

A superior support for critical production.

  • unlimited tickets
  • mail, web and telephone
  • highly responsive
  • unlimited users
  • 24/7
  • unlimited machines
The response times are guaranteed by contract.

On-demand features

We are only a step further to satisfy you even more!

Have an idea ?

You have a feature idea to improve comfort and / or performance of your Rudder use ? We can make it part of the next official release in priority!

Let's take a look at it!

We evaluate all the details of your needs and the time needed for the development of the functionality.

We only charge half of it

By choosing to leave your sponsored feature Open Source, we keep half the cost of development at our charge.


Want to go further with Rudder ? Check the list of available plugins.