Audit and configuration management for IT infrastructures

VisionRudder, open source IT automation and configuration management

By adding a user-friendly interface, pre-defined best practices and fine-grained compliance reporting to your own IT configuration rules, Rudder enables enterprises to rapidly benefit from increased productivity and insight throughout their IT operations.


Capture interface Rudder
Screenshot of Rudder’s user interface

Drift assessment

Rudder can measure the drift of IT infrastructures. It enables you to automate installation and configuration of services, continuously verify and repair them, and centralize information and knowledge about your infrastructure and generate compliance reports… helping you analyse and control the deviation between a service’s current state and it’s nominal behavior.

Nominal behavior can come from rules at any level: project specifications, industry requirements or even best practices assembled by your system administration team.

Key features

Further information

If you’d like to know more about Rudder, contact us and we will be pleased to provide more information or show you a demonstration. You could also attend one of our upcoming public events.

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