An open source automation software made for production


Rudder automates and keeps your production compliant

Indeed, Rudder deals with

  • system automation (services configuration, application deployment, security regulation application, etc.)
  • and compliance control (corporate security policy, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, etc.)
  • working on every type of infrastructure (physical & virtual servers, desktops, cloud, etc.)
  • and every OS (Windows, Linux, Aix, Android, etc.)

It lets you save time, improve reliability and keep visibility.

Rudder : accessibility, vigilance, universality

Codeless administration interface and ready to use rules library

Rudder is the only open source automation solution that includes an administration web interface, thanks to which you only need a few clicks to deploy your configuration rules, never being forced to write code. Indeed, a ready for use rules library is built in.

Continuous checking and proactive maintenance under operational conditions

Made for production issues, Rudder go beyond deployment instructions. It verifies and keeps proactively your IT desired state in order to stay compliant.

From datacenter to cloud, by desktops and urban furniture

Rudder is able to manage every type of infrastructure, physical servers as virtual machines, open source OS as commercial ones.

How to start ?

You work on a project and need to know how Rudder will solve your issues ? Contact Lioubov ILET by mail at commercial@normation or join her on her direct line on
As our Sales Manager, she will guide you from the issue valuation to the Rudder integration.

Indeed, Normation is keen to make every Rudder installation a success by offering custom-made services :

  • trainings (public or on site)
  • professionnal support
  • consulting
  • on demand development
  • plugins

Testing Rudder

Do you want to have a look under the hook ?

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