Rudder 2.4.0~beta3 available!

We are very proud to announce the availability of a brand new version of Rudder, 2.4.0~beta3. This is the first official release in the 2.4 series, code-named Drakkar. This beta version has been a long time in the making, and I’d like to apologize to those who have been waiting for it. Your wait has […] Read more

Normation aux RMLL 2012

Après Solution Linux, Normation était présente aux Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2012, qui ont eu lieu du 7 au 12 juillet à Genève. Les RMLL sont un évènement majeur qui regroupe chaque année un programme ambitieux construit autour de 8 thématiques. Ce n’est pas moins de CINQ conférences et workshops qui ont été donné(e)s […] Read more

Normation à Solutions Linux 2012

Du mardi 19 juin au jeudi 21 juin (la semaine prochaine), se déroule le salon Solutions Linux, au CNIT à Paris la Défense. Cet événement incontournable regroupe la très grande majorité des communautés et entreprises de l’écosystème open source français. Une présence continue pendant 3 jours Pour la première fois, Normation s’installe sur le salon […] Read more

CFEngine Community Event in Montreal

During the CFEngine training session in Montreal two weeks ago, Normation and CFEngine organized a community event, to reach CFEngine users in the French speaking Canada. The event was a success, and we even met some potential CFEngineers there, eager to join the community. This event was fully sponsored by CFEngine, who we thank extensively […] Read more

Mai, 31, 2012


Rudder and Android working together

After a hard couple of days trying to get it done with our friends from Genymobile, we finally managed to craft a lovely Android compatible Rudder prototype ! Thanks to CFEngine flexibility, we are now able to manage Android-based systems from a standard Rudder server. Thus, we are currently the only user-friendly oriented configuration management […] Read more

Rudder at the LOADays 2012

The Normation team (well at least two of them) was present at the LOADays 2012 in Antwerp, Belgium We had a great time here! Even though the weather was cold, our Belgian friends out here were very welcoming. The organization was perfect, the WiFi too, and the conferences very enlightening. We had the chance to […] Read more

Matinale “Infrastructures IT : Concilier best practices et contraintes du quotidien”

Le 14 mars dernier s’est tenu une matinale dans les locaux parisiens de Normation qui a été un franc succès avec plus d’une vingtaine de participants, sur le thème suivant : Infrastructures IT : Concilier best practices et contraintes du quotidien Disponibilité, prévention des risques, sécurité, industrialisation, gestion des changements, partage des connaissances … autant […] Read more

Choisir Scala en entreprise, est-ce bien raisonnable ?

Le cas “Scala chez Normation”… Chez Normation, nous utilisons Scala depuis plus de 3 ans pour notre plus grand plaisir – et quelques irritations. Quelques irritations donc, le plus souvent liées à l’immaturité de l’ecosystème, avec en premier lieu un outillage au mieux fonctionnel… Oh qu’il aura fallu attendre longtemps pour avoir un plugin Eclipse […] Read more

Avr, 16, 2012


Normation: our mission, why Rudder and our offer

Yesterday, we held a seminar in our offices titled IT infrastructure: Balancing best practices and everyday constraints. Mark Burgess, pioneer of software configuration management and founding CTO of CFEngine AS, was our guest star, and gave a very interesting talk about the Third Wave of IT Management. We took the opportunity to introduce Normation, presenting […] Read more

An installation and everyday usage guide for libvirt and KVM

Why all this ? Today, nearly every modern computing-related company uses directly or indirectly a virtualization software. As seen with the recent Cloud computing trend, it is a sector that recently exploded in popularity and it is now accessible to everyone. There are now a LOT of alternatives to virtualize an OS : Isolation : […] Read more

Barcamp Rudder 2.4.0 – Portes ouvertes

Cette semaine, de mercredi à mercredi (du 22 au 29 février donc), Normation va faire son premier Barcamp Rudder ! Mais qu’est-ce qu’un barcamp ? D’après Wikipedia : Un BarCamp est une rencontre, une non-conférence ouverte qui prend la forme d’ateliers-événements participatifs où le contenu est fourni par les participants qui doivent tous, à un […] Read more

Rudder presentation at FOSDEM

We’ve been back from the latest FOSDEM in Brussels for a week now, but are only just recovering from the freezing-cold weather they had there… As always, FOSDEM was a great event, with thousands of open source users, contributors and developers all mixing together and sharing their findings, software and thoughts. A real spirit of […] Read more

Normation and Rudder at FOSDEM

Just like every year, once the holiday season is over, we start looking forward to FOSDEM the first weekend in February! This year, four of us from Normation will be attending, all the way through, from the world-famous, record-breaking beer event to the last talks on the Sunday. We’ll be introducing Rudder, our open source […] Read more

CFEngine training course in Brussels – 1-2-3 February (before FOSDEM)

Need to automate your system administration tasks like installing and configuring servers? Want to ensure policy compliance across your IT infrastructure? Already using CFEngine but interested in learning more? Going to Brussels for FOSDEM already and could spare a few days before hand to learn a new skill? Or just need a good reason to […] Read more

Jan, 04, 2012


Interactive key exchange with CFEngine

Here at Normation, we use CFEngine 3 extensively for configuration management across Linux and Windows servers. CFEngine 3 is a very secure tool, that relies on keys to identify hosts and authorize connections. To set up a secure CFEngine infrastructure, you ought to exchange keys between hosts (note that if you don’t have confidential data […] Read more

A quick initiation to the Debian package construction

While attenting at this year’s RMLL conferences, I had the opportunity to listen to a great presentation of the APT package management system by Lucas Nussbaum. I then had the idea to create this post as a quick reference on how to quickly build someone’s first Debian package. You are kindly invited to take a […] Read more

Configuration management tools for cloud computing (Open World Forum 2011)

The Open World Forum 2011 edition took place last week in Paris. I was invited to present a workshop in the Cloud Computing track. This gave me the opportunity to outline the importance of optimizing the “setup” phase of machines when using cloud computing. Today’s tools and APIs make it very easy to create and […] Read more

“Gestion de configuration et disaster recovery avec CFEngine 3” aux RMLL 2011

Comme chaque début de juillet, nous [1] nous rendons aux RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre). Ce millésime se tient à Strasbourg, du lundi 11 au mercredi 13 juillet pour les conférences techniques (un weekend grand public se tient avant). Nous y présenterons une session mercredi à 14:40 (au Patio, Amphi 3), en français, pour […] Read more

Formations Cfengine 3 à Paris et Bruxelles

Cfengine 3 est un logiciel de gestion de configuration open source très puissant, permettant de gérer efficacement des parcs informatiques de toutes tailles. Comme la plupart des outils complexe, un temps d’apprentissage est nécessaire pour l’utiliser au mieux. Nous organisons des sessions de formation à Paris, les 15, 16 et 17 juin, et à Bruxelles […] Read more

Cfengine 3.1.5 is nearly out, what can we expect from it?

Here at Normation, we use Cfengine 3 extensively for configuration management across Linux and Windows servers. Cfengine 3 is an open source project, and as every good open source project, the trunk version is always available (but not always very reliable) and stable versions are released regularly. Prior to the release of a new version, […] Read more

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