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The first Rudder room at Config Management Camp 2017

Again this year, Rudder community gathered CfgMgmtCamp, 6 and 7 Feb., Gent (Belgium). But for the first time in its history, Rudder had its own room. Indeed, even though it has been many years since Rudder is present at Cfgmgmtcamp, Rudder used to be in a shared room. Over time, Rudder’s community grew, and the […] Read more

What’s new in Rudder 4.1

  Rudder 4.1 has been released on March 30th 2017 and brings a lot of much anticipated convenience improvements to make the best of Rudder 4.0 big new features. This article describes the most significant ones. Feel free to read the 4.1 changelog to see the complete list. Organize Rules and Directives by setting key=value tags […] Read more

Rudder 4.0-4.1 retrospective: automating tests and improving visibility

Shortly after the release of Rudder 4.0 in November, the development team sat down together for a retrospective of the whole release cycle. We studied what went well, less well, and downright bad, and we looked at the lessons learned. Last but not least, we picked two topics to focus on improving in the next […] Read more

6 avril 2017 – Journée de découverte  Rudder à Aix / Marseille

Une journée au soleil pour en gagner tant d’autres ! Vous souhaitez découvrir Rudder mais la grisaille Parisienne vous rebute ? La journée de découverte du 6 avril 2017 à Aix Les Milles est faite pour vous !   À l’occasion de la sortie de la version 4 de Rudder, la solution de Continuous Configuration […] Read more

Using rudder-setup to automate Rudder installation

Hello Rudder aficionados! TL;DR: rudder-setup setup-server 4.0 In the Rudder team, we regularly test Rudder, either for support or for automatic testing. That’s why we made rudder-tests. It calls Vagrant to install virtual machines and then installs Rudder on them. Since the installation part was really useful for everyone, we decided to make it an […] Read more

Practical API case: CSV compliance extraction

Introduction Hello folks! Today, I’m writing this post to talk about a solution we found to the following problem: how do you export compliance data from a Rudder installation? The use case was: how do you export Rudder compliance metrics that are currently accessible in the Web UI in a machine-usable format so you can […] Read more

Rudder 4.0 is out!

Rudder 4.0 changes for good the way we see IT management Here we are! After months of hard work, nourished by years of feedback from the community and our clients, Rudder 4.0 is out. What makes this version so special we felt it deserved its own epic version instead of pursuing towards a more discreet […] Read more

Programme du track devops à Paris Open Source Summit 2016

Le Paris Open Source Summit 2016 est la fusion de l’Open World Forum et de Solutions Linux Libres et Open Source, qui se tient les 16 et 17 novembre prochains au Dock Pullman (50 av. du Président Wilson, 93200 La Plaine St-Denis). Pour la deuxième année, Normation et Rudder seront présents au salon : Retrouvez […] Read more

Discover the new package management implementation in Rudder

Rudder 3.2, starting from 3.2.8, offers a new package management implementation. It is new, and not as tested as the previous one, but already usable. This article explains the reason for this change, and will give an overview of the features and their usage. Why? As you may have noticed, the current package management implementation […] Read more

PGDay France 2016 – Retour d’expérience sur l’utilisation de PostgreSQL au sein de Rudder

Une des fonctionnalités principales de Rudder, le calcul de la conformité des noeuds gérés, implique de stocker et corréler les données remontées des noeuds avec l’état configuré via l’interface. Nous avons choisi d’utiliser la base de données open source PostgreSQL pour cet usage, et cette présentation expose notre usage, les problèmes rencontrés et les optimisations […] Read more

Comment massacrer un projet d’automatisation infra – top 10 des erreurs courantes

Vouloir automatiser l’infrastructure du SI c’est bien. Réussir à le faire c’est encore mieux. Mais pour ça, il y a au moins 10 pièges courants à éviter. Automatiser son infrastructure du SI n’est pas une mince affaire, pas vrai ? Être bien outillé est un prérequis indispensable. Avec Rudder : l’interface graphique et la librairie […] Read more

The first knowledge hub on release management – interview of the creators

Last month we discovered Electric Cloud, a Californian company specialized in Continuous Delivery. They did a great job creating a wiki gathering every tools and companies involved in IT auotmation, from infrastructure configuration management to continuous depolyment. As we praised this intiative, and not only because Rudder is included in the configuration management section, we […] Read more

Mustache templates with ncf and CFEngine

Why use mustache template When you start a configuration management project, you promptly discover that there are are two ways of managing your configuration files. You can either edit the existing ones or use templates to replace them all. Editing pros and cons: it is more complex and more bug prone it is easier when […] Read more

Normation et Rudder au catalogue de l’UGAP

Qu’est-ce que l’UGAP ? L’UGAP (Union des Groupements d’Achat Public) est une centrale d’achat publique française. Elle est destinée à faciliter les achats de matériel et de services de l’État et de ses opérateurs, c’est-à-dire les collectivités territoriales, le secteur hospitalier ainsi que le secteur social. Normation à l’UGAP, qu’est-ce que ça change ? Vous […] Read more

Oct, 19, 2015


Programme du track DevOps POSS 2015

Le Paris Open Source Summit 2015 est la fusion de l’Open World Forum et de Solutions Linux Libres et Open Source. En tant que partenaire silver sponsor, Normation participe au POSS 2015 qui se tiendra les 18 et 19 novembre prochain de 9h à 18h au Dock Pullmann (50, av. du Président Wilson 93200 La […] Read more

Rudder 3.1 “Frigate” release

Rudder 3.1 “Frigate” was released 9th July 2015.   The main changes are: Improvements on security: inventories are now signed and sent over HTTPS, a basic SELinux policy is now provided New features in the API: compliance, rule and group categories, complex queries on nodes Some UI improvements: compliance of each Node in Nodes list, […] Read more

Rudder 3.0 – A major step forward

Hello folks, 2015 starts with a lot of new promising changes for Rudder! After all the polishing work we did to Release Rudder 2.11, we decided that the next Rudder version would have a lot of new features and improvements. With a list of feature that long, we decided that the next version will be […] Read more

Just enough bootstrap for your configuration management agent with cloud-init

Infrastructure automation tools like Rudder, SaltStack, Chef, Puppet or CFEngine can manage your system from top to bottom – once they are installed on it. The typical chicken and egg problem occurs when deploying such a tool – how do you bootstrap it? Each managed node needs to have an agent installed and configured on […] Read more

Configurer et piloter les objets connectés

Salutations, ami lecteur. Tu remarqueras sans doute que malgré le titre ronflant de cet article, le modèle présenté sur l’image ci-dessus n’est pas une Raspberry Pi mais une Cubieboard 2, de chez Cubietech. En effet, cet article ne sera pas réellement centré sur les contraintes et avantages de l’automatisation uniquement sur les Raspberries, mais sur […] Read more

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