Rudder support - free discovery offer

Try Normation's professional Rudder support for free! This offer grants you access to three support tickets to help you discover and experience the attention we give to our clients: Professional, Enterprise-grade support backed by our team of Rudder...

Infrastructure Management

(Français) Comment maîtrisez-vous les risques liés à votre activité informatique ?

Rudder Introduction Day

The Introduction to Rudder day begins with breakfast, thereafter the rest of the day is a mix of configuration management automation theory followed by hands-on practical sessions with Rudder, providing a foundation of learning that is sufficient for...

Open Source Support

Normation's support services give you access to a unique Expertise Center on open source and related technologies, especially IT infrastructure and configuration management. Principal technologies covered include Rudder, CFEngine 2 and 3 and standard open source infrastructure components (KVM, Vagrant, Cobbler, BIND, DHCPD, Apache HTTPD, Postfix, OpenLDAP, LSC, Kerberos...) and cloud-based technologies (Amazon AWS, OpenStack, Joyent...).

CFEngine 3 Training

Normation provides training courses in Europe and the USA, on the subject of the configuration management tool, CFEngine 3, in partnership with CFEngine  AS .

Rudder Training

Come discover or improve your skills and knowledge on Rudder! Normation provides training courses on IT automation / compliance and hands-on Rudder sessions, from novice through to expert training. Training sessions These courses may be given...

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