Technique Editor

RUDDER includes a graphical module allowing the extension of the default ruleset.

Don't start from scratch!

You have access to a library of basic components to create your rules, such as package installation, file management, file templating, service management, etc.

Simple and intuitive

Build your own configuration by assembling simple single-purpose components, while keeping all the benefits of reporting and compliance on your new rules.

Fully integrated in RUDDER

The rules you create are immediately available in RUDDER, just like built-in rules.

To try the technique editor module, click on the button below,
then go to Utilities menu and choose Technique Editor.

How does it work?

ncf, the configuration framework

The graphical module is built upon the open source ncf framework, developped by Normation.

Simple and complete

ncf is a configuration framework easy to write and immediately understandable. As RUDDER does, a feedback system is built in to control the configurations.


The rules managed by the graphical module are stored as ncf code in a Git repository, allowing a transparent management of the modifications, whether made in the web interface or directly in the code.

Extensible itself!

ncf is designed to be extensible itself, and to allow adding new methods usable during rule creation.



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