Make every Rudder installation a success!

Normation offers customized support services.

We have at heart to make each Rudder installation a success. Contact us, we will explore together how to meet your needs.

Project study

This project study aims at preparing the automation and compliance project, by taking into account your business context specificities and your technical inheritance.

It ensures a fast and mastered solution handling and guarantees the choice of the technology with full knowledge of the facts.

Preparation workshop

The study starts by a discussion and project qualification workshop. It lets the project team validate the solution integration architecture and define the project scope by identifying its impact on the infrastructure and the corporate collaboration internal processes.

Tests conducting

At the end of the workshop, a first set of representative configurations which takes into account the business requirements and your techniques is integrated in a test environment. The Normation's expert also accompanies the project team by presenting basic Rudder concepts, positionning the solution in the Information system of your company and passing on the skills related to its use.

Report delivery

We provide you a complete report of the study presenting the results reached by the project team according to the objectives defined during the workshop. The conclusions of this report can be so presented to the decision-maker(s).

Turn key project

We are at your disposal to assist you.

Audit and project guidance

A member of the development team comes and see you to prepare the Rudder deployment project, making it faster, stronger and more sustainable.

Architecture and implementation

Take advantage of our proximity. To ensure the success of your automation project and / or compliance check, let us contribute to its integration.

Consolidation et optimization

A correct architecture and well optimized rules will make you gain performance and will save working time. Thanks to the audit of your environment, we will be able to help you refining your Rudder installation.

Custom-built contract

You need fast and frequent advice ? We propose a framework contract with tokens to use as you please!

Expertise pole

The Expertise Pole is the all-in-one service essential to every user of Rudder.

It is the link between us, for you to take advantage of a proximity and a remote support, for every type of problem.

End-user phone assistance

The phone assistance deals with every issue from common use ans essential best practices to the small tricks to be known which let you save time. On the phone, you speak directly to the core developers of the solution in order to provide a high quality support.

On-site support intervention

We are in Paris! Take advantage of our proximity, we are at your disposal to get involved in your projects and come to see you on-site to propose the most effective service.

From the simplest to the most complex

You exchange directly with the designers of the solution. Who could be better suited to solve your problems, especially the most complex ones.


In France and elsewhere in Europe. At our place or yours.

Introduction to DevOps and automation

1 day - level ★
  • DevOps - what is it and why I should be interested in it ?
  • Automating IT infrastructure
  • Overview of configuration management tools
  • Make your automation project successful

Rudder - Operations

1 day - level ★ ★
  • Rudder server administration
  • APIs
  • System Techniques
  • Rudder database
  • Backup / Restore
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Logging

Rudder - Fundamentals

2 days - level ★
  • Introduction to Rudder
  • Installation and initial contact with Rudder
  • System configuration with Rudder
  • Reporting with Rudder

Extend Rudder

3 days - level ★ ★ ★
  • The "desired state" model
  • Form creation syntax ( Rudder metadata )
  • CFEngine : Language Overview
  • CFEngine : Variables and Classes
  • Rudder Technique creation
  • Using the ncf framework components to create Rudder Techniques
  • Reporting in Rudder Techniques
Public trainings are available every 6 weeks. 3-day sessions cost from 1600€ to 1950€ per attendee.

You would like to attend a public session or arrange in-house training?

SLA insurance

The SLA insurance is an Expertise Pole add-on.

She allows a production based use of our Expertise Pole services, including the most critical ones, thanks to contractually guaranteed response times within more or less strong SLA options.

Orange level

  Minimal   ★★

An insurance for not critical productions.

Green level

Essential ★★★

A basic supplement to work in serenity.

Blue level

Comfort ★★★★

A professional upgrade for a responsive support.

Purple level

Luxury  ★★★★★

A superior guarantee for critical productions.

Custom-built contract

You need fast and frequent advice ? We propose a framework contract with tokens to use as you please! Fast growing or you just prefer to be no-limits? We also provides worldwide, node unlimited subscription contract.