DevOps Training and introduction to configuration management

As the DevOps Days Paris organizer, we are a DevOps reference partner.

Our works on Rudder, the solution dedicated to implement DevOps in the lower layers of IT stacks, make us experts on DevOps. That is the reason why we provide professional DevOps training in France and elsewhere in Europe.

DevOps training

In France and elsewhere in Europe. At our place or yours.

Introduction to DevOps and infrastructure automation

1 day - level ★

DevOps – what is it and why should I care?

  • Origins and characteristics of the movement
  • The CAMS acronym definition - Culture, Automation, Measure, Share
  • Focus on automation

Automating IT infrastructure

  • Fundamental concepts in configuration management (convergence, idempotence, ...)
  • Advantages and drawbacks
  • Comparaison of the main approaches

Succeeding a DevOps project

  • Context and requirements (team organisation, goals, project leader, ...)
  • Keys to success (training, internal processes, change management, ...)
  • Pitfalls to avoid

Overview of configuration management tools

  • Architecture comparison
  • Key features
  • Which tool for which need

Upcoming DevOps training public sessions

  • December 14 (Paris - France)
  • January 11 (Lyon - France)
  • January 25 (London - UK)
  • February 8 (Paris - France)
  • February 22 (Rome - Italy)

You would like to attend a public session or arrange in-house DevOps training?

Why are we DevOps experts?

Launched in 2010, Rudder is used within critical productions, from Caisse d'Epargne (french largest bank) financial tranfers servers to Eutelsat satellites (european satellites operator leader), but also in other domains like pharmaceutical industry and automobile industry.

The goal of Rudder is to guarantee a strong infrastructure to allow fast, frequent and compliant applicative changes, in order to reduce the projects time to market and the services downtime.