How to contribute

The Rudder project and Normation are open source at heart, and we welcome any kind of contribution: comments, criticism, help on IRC or mailing lists, and of course code and documentation contributions.

These last two types of contribution are more involved than the others, both for you and for us, and so we have tried to set up a simple and efficient process to follow and lead them.

Get in touch with the community

Talking with the community is a great way to contribute and extend you knowledge of Rudder.

Report bugs

Over every ways to contribute, the easiest and most important one is to report bugs. In the Rudder project ticketing system, each task is tracked, which allows everyone to follow the project's progression, know what needs work, and who is working on it.

Get an account in our ticketing system.

Just open a ticket to describe your problem or your wishes.


1) Download our python script which helps to follow our recommended procedure.

2) Create a github account if you don't already have one and install git.

3) Before starting you need to clone the repository you are going to work on with this command "rudder-dev clone "

4) To start work on a ticket, just run "rudder-dev branch ".

5) Write your patch: this is where most of the work happen!

6) When you are finished, add your files with "git add " and call "rudder-dev commit" this will update the ticket and create the pull request for you.


Someone will review your code and hopefully accept it 🙂


Thank you for participating in the project! ♡