CFEngine 3 – consulting, support, training

As CFEngine experts, we are the CFEngine European partner.

Our works on ncf make us experts on CFEngine3. As the CFEngine European partner since 2009, we provide consulting , professional support and trainings on this technology.


We are at your service to help you.


A member of the development team spends a day with you to prepare and accompany you on evaluating of CFEngine, making it faster and more complete.


Take advantage of our proximity. To ensure the success of your automation project, let us contribute to its integration.


A correct architecture and well optimized rules will make you gain performance and will save working time. After an audit of your environment, we will help you refine your CFEngine installation.

Customized contract

You need fast and frequent advice ? We propose a framework contract with tokens to use as you please!


In france and elsewhere in Europe. At our place or yours.

CFEngine - Fundamentals

3 days - level ★★
Learn CFEngine from scratch with a very hands-on approach, introducing concepts one by one. This three day course will give you full understanding of all the building blocks you need to use CFEngine, and explain the theory behind system automation as we go. No previous experience necessary, although basic Linux sysadmin skills are necessary.
  • DEVOPS - what is it and why should I care?
  • Automating IT infrastructure
  • Succeeding an automation project
  • CFEngine architecture
  • The "desired state" model
  • First steps
  • File templating
  • Service management
  • The CFEngine language
  • CFEngine agent structure
  • Simple file editing
  • Client / server
  • Advanced variables

CFEngine - 3.6 | 3.7 | 3.8 refresher

1 day - level ★ ★★
Take one day to update your CFEngine knowledge and learn the latest and greatest features, complete with real-life examples. This short course will show you how to use and benefit from latest changes and clarify upgrade paths. Designed for anyone with previous CFEngine experience or training. Our trainer will be happy to help you brush up on the basics if necessary too!
  • Overview of CFEngine releases
  • New and improved promise types
  • Mustache templating
  • Masterfiles policy framework (MPF)
  • Data manipulation (CSV, YAML, JSON)
  • Server and networking management
  • New and improved functions
  • Policy structuration and management

Want to see the full program and upcoming public sessions?

Professional support

Our core developers answer the support themselves from our offices in Paris, to provide high quality support.

Green support

Essential ★★

This one is a basic support to work in serenity

  • 20 tickets / year
  • mail, web and telephone
  • standard reactivity
  • limited to 5 users
  • working hours only
  • unlimited machines

Blue support

Comfort ★★★

Professional offer for a responsive support.

  • unlimited tickets
  • mail, web and telephone
  • high reactivity
  • limited to 10 users
  • working hours only
  • unlimited machines

Purple support

Luxury  ★★★★

A superior support for critical production.

  • unlimited tickets
  • mail, web and telephone
  • highly responsive
  • unlimited users
  • 24/7
  • unlimited machines
The response times are guaranteed by contract.