We develop Rudder

Normation is the company behind Rudder, the innovative automation and compliance solution dedicated to production constraints.


  • is a system automation software
  • checks compliance
  • works on any type of infrastructure
  • works on any OS

What is done with Rudder?

Machine deployment

Physical, virtual, cloud instances ...

Configuration Management

System services, baseline, applications ...

Compliance monitoring

Corporate policy, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 ...

What are the benefits ?


Automating repetitive operations saves time to work on topics that create more value.


By avoiding incidents caused by manual errors, you reduce the overall risks and improve service quality.


You will finally be able to check at a glance the status of your IT and have a reliable and up to date compliance overview.

How does it work ?

Web management interface

Rudder is the only open source automation tool that provides a web management interface, through which a few clicks are enough to deploy configuration rules.

Ready-to-use configurations

No need to develop the code; a library of ready-to-use rules is included in the solution.

Codeless Technique builder

With a graphical creation module for custom configuations directly included in the solution, you are free to create your own rules, still without code!

Maintaining compliance

Rudder does not just execute deployment commands, it verifies and maintains proactively the target state of your IT.

Keeping an eye on compliance

Through a comprehensive dashboard, overall compliance of the machines is available at a glance.


The Rudder agent is developed in C, which makes it highly scalable, and has low resource utilization so you can manage up to 100 000 machines with low impact.

We help our users

Our priority is to make success of your project with Rudder deployment. Contact us to explore together how to meet your needs.
  • Normation has been at the forefront of user-friendly configuration since the early days of DevOps, quietly bringing quality and assurance to high value enterprises, as well as championing wider community values.

    Mark Burgess, Creator and thought leader of the ITOM domain since 1993.




Rudder Introduction Day (practical) : May 16th or June 22nd 2017

Full Rudder Training - Paris: 11 - 12 to 13 April 2017

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Meet us at ESIEA at for the Open Source Innovation Spring on May, 23rd at 3 p.m.
We'll talk about API driven configuration management!
More info about our talk at OSIS.


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